Posted by: edibleplanet | September 17, 2012

Experiencing Eggs Goldenrod

When Andy mentioned a dish called Eggs Goldenrod fondly from his Texan childhood, I was intrigued. Growing up with chickens we had egg dishes of all sorts, including one where you make scrambled eggs from the yolk, spread it on toast and then beat the whites, dollop them on top with a sprinkling of cheese under the grill.

We had another dish, I think from a church or a fundraising cookery book, that used up slices of stale bread lining a pan and an egg and cheese mixture in the middle. I had never heard of Eggs Goldenrod.

Naturally I turned to Google and found out quickly that is a childhood comfort food for quite a few Americans. Apparently there is even a recipe in an 1896 Boston cookbook.

There was a posher version of the recipe that suggested it was a dish with French origins called Eggs a la goldenrod.

The recipes were all very similar and I settled on this one that was two servings as I was making it for just me and our son, who is pretty good at eating anything – so was a willing subject, no one else was that keen. One of the lovely ideas I had found out from my quick perusing of the internet was that this dish could be made with the help of kids.

The dish doesn’t sound very appetising when described. It is chopped up pieces of hard boiled egg white floating in a white sauce on toast with grated or mashed, hard boiled egg yolk on the top, with a sprinkling of paprika. But with so many people on the internet remembering this dish fondly, I figured it couldn’t be that bad and it didn’t sound like it would have been too out of place in my childhood’s selection of egg dishes.

When I told Tristan what I was planning to make he was keen to try it and offered to help immediately. I boiled the eggs and Tristan mashed up the yolks and sliced up the pieces of the white. I made the white roux sauce in the usual way, melting the butter adding the flour and slowly adding the milk to make a thick sauce. I added salt and pepper until Tristan and I agreed it was tasty. We tipped in his cut up egg white.

We buttered the toast and tipped over the white sauce with its little white lumps, looking like shark fins. We sprinkled over the egg yolk and good quality Hungarian paprika.

I will agree this dish doesn’t sound or look appetising but it is most definitely a homely, comforting dish. Tristan and I declared it delicious. I would make again for lunch. It is quick and Tristan enjoyed helping to make it.

eggs goldenrod dish

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