Posted by: edibleplanet | May 14, 2011

Mystery Bag Challenge – Part 1

We decided to have a mystery bag cook-off. A bit like the game at the end of “Ready, Steady, Cook” where people present ingredients to the chefs and they have to decide what to make. Fiona put together a bunch of bags with an eclectic range of ingredients (it was a great way to use some of the quake-dented or damaged stock) and the bags were distributed amongst 5 raving foodies. The rules were that you had to make at least a savoury and sweet dish, and that you had to try to use at least a little of every ingredient in your bag. You could add as many extra ingredients as you like.

Fiona chose not to cook and put the bags together out of my sight (so I could play too). In my bag I received:

  • Polenta
  • Chipotles (dried, smoked jalapeno chillies)
  • Glacé pears
  • Coconut milk
  • Achiote Paste
  • Shiitake mushrooms
  • Black bean sauce
  • A can of haricot beans
So I have decided to make Yucatecan Spicy Pork using the achiote paste. I’ll use the polenta and chipotles to make a chipotle cornbread (tex-mex style) and I’ll use the beans to make a bean and tomatillo salsa. A kind of Mexican theme to that bit. I’ll make some Chinese style steamed chicken and shiitake dumplings and serve them with a black bean dipping sauce. For my sweet dish, I’ll make a Thai style sweet sticky rice dish served with glacé pears instead of mango.
I have a good deal of cooking to do, so I better get on with it! We’ve got every one else coming around tonight with their dishes. I can’t wait to see how people have used the ingredients, and what they have decided to make.
— Karl

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