Posted by: edibleplanet | March 28, 2011

Huevos falsos – fried eggs for pudding

false eggsI mentioned in this blogpost about huevos falsos (false eggs). It was a recipe in the dessert section of the Chilean recipe book we got out of the library. The recipe was somewhat Heston-like, with it pretending to be something else. It was neat to read Chileans were ahead of Heston in the area of fried eggs for dessert. The recipe said it was particularly popular with kids and I thought, ours would love it.
If you are getting excited about an egg free egg recipe, I am sorry to disappoint – huevos falsos do have egg in them!
The idea was to construct a fried egg by whipping up egg white from a couple of eggs with some icing sugar and beating a similar amount of cream – around 1/2 cup. Both mixtures had to be quite firm and then when you mix them together you got a light, sweet, white mixture. To make the yoke the recipe said to peel and chop a yellow peach in half and place it in the middle.
After making them once, when we made them again we pureed the peach because then you could make the “yolk” more rounded as opposed to the peach half in the photo. We found you did have to puree the peach just before serving or it lost its egg yolk colour. Our second batch of huevos falsos we served on slices of coconut loaf that we had lightly toasted and it did look like eggs on toast!
As a dessert it was light and the fruit yolk was nice with the creamy white. We definitely enjoyed our eggs for pudding.


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