Posted by: edibleplanet | March 11, 2011

How to cook biscuits

quake cooked biscuitsIt is weird, the little things that cause you angst.
We were driving home on Tuesday 22nd February, the traffic was inching along. Karl had just spent the previous hour and half trying to find our five year old daughter, who goes to school in Christchurch’s CBD and then another hour and half driving the normally fifteen minute journey from the city to our shop.
Being without power or media, so unaware of quite how devastating this aftershock had been, we were lamenting the biscuits as we turned into our road, a slalom around humps and dips (these have now been repaired).
Karl had been at home cooking with our three year old son before the 6.3 quake struck. They had just lifted out of the oven, a fantastic banana cake. It had risen majestically in the ring tin, browned and cooked perfectly. They popped a tray of biscuits into the oven, then wham! The ground shook violently and when it had finished the power and water were gone. Karl turned the oven off at the wall in case the power came on in his absence and raced out the door and into the car to find our five year old.
As we were driving home, he was saying how the biscuits were looking really good and now we would have to throw away a tray of raw dough and what a waste of ingredients.
We finally arrived home to find still no power or water. The oven clock read ten to one. We opened the oven door and to our surprise the biscuits were perfectly cooked! They were nicely golden brown and crunchy – a little piece of sweetness in a sad city. So as electricity prices increase, perhaps this a good way to cook biscuits. When the oven is up to temperature, pop your biscuits in and turn off the oven. Leave for a few hours and they will be ready.


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