Posted by: edibleplanet | June 17, 2010

Karl & Fiona go a bit Bavarian


Some weisswurst in its natural habitat

We finally got around to visiting a very cool local butcher the other day. He makes amazing German sausages, bacon and other delicious goodies. We have always regretted that we never tried weisswurst when we were in Munich, and he had some very nice looking weisswurst on display so we grabbed some.

There are a few ‘rules’ around serving weisswurst. Not silly, scary ones, but cool, quirky, traditional ones. For a start you don’t eat weisswurst after midday. It’s a morning food! Secondly, you serve it with sweet Bavarian mustard, a big pretzel and a wiessbier. No other accompaniments are acceptable!

To cook the weisswurst you bring a pot of water to the boil, remove it from the heat and add the sausages. Cover the pan and leave the sausages, off the heat, in the water for 8 minutes or so to heat through. In Munich the sausages are brought to the table in a big bowl of hot water so they don’t cool down too quickly. If you boil the sausages then they tend to burst out of their skins—a condition with the wonderful name of ‘aufblatzt’. Incidentally, this technique works a treat with savaloys and cheerios. They suffer from aufblatzt too!

To eat a weisswurst you can go traditional, or discrete. The discrete way is to slice the skin lengthwise and carefully remove it before eating the sausage in dainty wee pieces. The traditional way is much more fun. You slice off the end, pick up the sausage and kind of ‘suck’ the meat out of the skin. The skin is horrible—thick and rubbery—so just leave that on your plate. The flavour is very delicate. The veal is the most prominent but there are some subtle spices and herbs in there too. They are a perfect mid-morning snack!

We actually failed on a few conditions. We ended up eating ours just a few minutes after 12pm, we didn’t have the right mustard, or the pretzels but we did have a nice Hoffbrau weissbier to wash it all down. We discovered that we really, really like weisswurst, and we will definitely eat them again. They would make a great brunch dish on a lazy Saturday morning. They’re light and very easy to eat. Brilliant!!



  1. Ooh weisswurst! We eat these about once a week – actually I don’t usually have them with pretzels either (or in the morning, they’re only supposed to be served before 11 am or something) but they are good…The sweet mustard converted me to mustard!

  2. They are tasty eh 🙂 what sweet mustard did you have?

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