Posted by: edibleplanet | February 11, 2010

A meal to be proud of

Sometimes a simple meal can just be so much better than you imagined. One of the best meals we still talk about was a pretty simple one.
Awhile ago we had bought some Heirloom Cherokee Purple tomatoes at the Lyttelton Farmers’ Market. I was a bit disappointed to read on the internet when we got home, that this tomato was almost as nice as the Brandywine tomato. I have been trying to grow Brandywines because it is suppose to be the best tasting tomato ever, according to the packet, and while my plants grow well I have yet to be able to try an actual tomato off them. But putting that disappointment aside we all tasted a Cherokee Purple raw and were surprised with its complex flavour, certainly different to the standard red tomato one normally finds in a supermarket. Karl decided to make a sauce of the tomatoes and to make homemade pasta to go with it. Usually we had just used normal flour for our pasta but this time we decided to do it the proper way and had bought some OO flour.
Again from reading we had found out that really it is the Italian durum wheat flour that makes it good for pasta. The double Os just means it is a fine grind. If you use OO flour you have bite without chew and that really is the difference from making it with our normal flour.
So for this dinner we had tasty pasta and then we had the sauce.
The sauce was just the tomatoes but the complexity once they were cooked, you would swear there was salami in there and a whole lot of other things. Karl had also made some homemade pancetta. Then to top the whole dish off we added basil from the garden.
It was one of those meals where the sum was much more than the parts. Cooking can be so satisfying.

– Fiona



  1. I just discovered those Purple Cherokee tomatoes at Lyttelton market last week, and now I can’t get enough of them. Was so pleased there were still some this week. I have been having them on bruschetta for lunch – every day! They really do have a very complex, somewhat savoury flavour – I hadn’t thought of cooking them, but I like your idea and I think that would really intensify that savouriness. Only just discovered your blog and read about your store – I’ll certainly keep following and I’ll come and visit your store. I’ll also add you to my Source Guide on my blog.

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