Posted by: edibleplanet | November 17, 2009

Ful Medammes is delicious – any time of the day

Ful Medammes is a traditional Egyptian dish. To do it properly you need to start with dry fava beans. I will do this as I have been planning to do it for ages. But impatient (as I mentioned in the sourdough experiments) I wanted to try Ful Medammes now. So I used a can of fava beans already cooked to the first part of the recipe with lemon and spices. Then I searched the internet and compared recipes with the one I had photocopied out of a book over a year ago. I cooked some onion, garlic and crushed cumin seeds in olive oil and added the can of beans in their sauce to that. It didn’t take long to cook and then I added some salt to bring out all the flavours. I served it with warm pita bread, chopped mint and coriander, roughly chopped boiled egg and lemon wedges. It was delicious. We ate it for a fast and easy Sunday dinner, which is probably not the done thing. It would certainly set you up for the day eating it for breakfast as I understand it is more usually eaten. The combination of the beans, the fresh herbs, egg and lemon juice was bright and zesty.
Now I have some dried fava beans, I will have to make it completely from scratch and compare the taste.

– Fiona



  1. Yum. We had a holiday in Egypt earlier this year and I had ful medames with flatbread for breakfast every morning. It did definitely set me up for the day but had some shocking after-effects!

    • 😀 – I found the canned ful medammes not bad for this but the dried fava beans we cooked up for another ful medammes were a different matter. 😉

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