Posted by: edibleplanet | November 12, 2009


The kids and I had a plan. We wanted a speedy, tasty meal and kedgeree fitted the bill nicely. Only issue was when we got to the cupboard our supply of basmati rice was running too low. A couple of tablespoons of rice wasn’t going to cut it. What we did have was some couscous and it pretty much fills the same niche. Could kedgeree be made with couscous instead of rice? Only one way to find out!

We have a good system for cooking light, fluffy couscous so that’s where I started. Cover the couscous with a bit of water and leave it to soak it all up. Add some oil and mix it with your hands until every grain is coated with a thin coat of oil and cook in the oven (tightly covered) until light and fluffy. It usually takes about 10-15 mins at 180 degrees.
To make the kegeree I did much the same, but I added some peas and tinned tuna (yellowfin, of course) along with some cumin seeds, fennel seeds and salt. A pinch of Indian chilli powder and a grind of black pepper to give it some bite, and into the oven.

While the cous-cous was cooking I hard boiled a couple of eggs but not completely hard- just so the yolks were nearly set. Once the cous-cous came out of the oven, the eggs were peeled, quartered and served with the cous-cous.

It worked pretty well! It was far from authentic, but it tasted wonderful and I would definitely make it again. I might even make it if there was rice in the cupboard…



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