Posted by: edibleplanet | November 6, 2009

Teach your kids to cook!

It’s so important!

My Mum taught us all to cook, and once we hit secondary school we were expected to take on a cooking night and feed the family. We learned a load of valuable skills in the process. We had to plan what we were going to cook in advance so Mum could get the ingredients; we had to cater for a range of tastes and food aversions (mercifully very few of those in my family); we had to get a handle on portion sizes and how much food to prepare; and we had to think on our feet when unexpected guests arrived, or when ingredients were missing.

Sure, the family had to put up with some fairly bland and clumsily prepared meals, as well as a few spectacular failures and experiments gone awry. But we all got there in the end. When we left home we could all cook, and fairly skillfully too! Even better is we all found that we really enjoyed it, and to a greater and lesser extent, we all still cook.

I’m pretty grateful for my parents’ lessons. My love of food has moved from a hugely enjoyable hobby to a serious business proposition, and I’m going to make damn sure that our kids learn to cook too. They’ll have a cooking night, and they’ll learn all those valuable skills. At the very least they’ll be able to keep themselves fed, but who knows? Maybe they’ll get hooked and have a lifetime of fun and culinary adventure like their parents!



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