Posted by: edibleplanet | October 30, 2009

Fake Takeaway Fridays

Most weeks we have Fake Takeaway Fridays. Basically we make takeaway type food but we make it at home so it is yummier (and possibly healthier 😉 ). Our Fake takeaways include; crumbed fillets of fish pan fried and potato wedges – cut thin to cook fast in the oven, burritos – especially yummy if I have managed to cook up some dried beans and make the refried beans myself (not very hands on just needs prior planning! ) and homemade pizzas are some of the mainstays. The homemade pizzas the kids get in on the action too. I set the breadmaker making the pizza dough in the morning. OO flour makes a lovely texture to the base when you are eating it, but often I just use normal flour. Then when we are ready for pizzas, the kids get the pastry brushes and paint the thin crusts of dough with a tomato sauce – made from diluted tomato paste or mashed tomatoes (whatever is handy), while I cut up toppings for them to sprinkle on once they have finished the painting bit. I do try for us to make different flavours and not just pile all the toppings on all the pizzas. Lucy usually makes her own, choosing her own toppings (Tristan has often eaten his toppings before they even go on the pizza). Then it is in the oven for 10 or so minutes at 200C.
We also have Vegetarian Thursday and I was totally excited to hear a little girl in our shop mention their family had Sushi Sunday. What a great idea!

– Fiona


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