Posted by: edibleplanet | October 22, 2009

lambs’ kidneys and pigs’ trotters

I bought some kidneys with the plan of making a steak and kidney pie but we used the steak for something else so we decided to try devilled kidneys. Neither of us had particularly good memories of kidneys but having watched a couple of shows where they raved about them and their flavour, we decided it was time to give them a second chance. Besides there was cream in the sauce, so surely anything with cream has to be good? This recipe is very close to what we made. It looked good on the plate. Karl cut out the little veiny bits and everything.
The verdict on the taste? I’m sorry I couldn’t finish it. It had more to do with the smell. The flavour was also very strong. It seemed to stir up some memory I couldn’t quite place but it wasn’t a good one. I was disappointed, maybe I was expecting too much or maybe those people who go “mmm delicious” on television cooking programmes, lie. I am not ready to give up yet, next time maybe I will try them at a restaurant or try a different recipe.
Earlier I tried Hugh’s slow cooked Chinese pig’s trotters. This dish actually turned out pretty well. The flavour was excellent. However the first part of the recipe calls for browning off the trotters. Maybe I did this wrong but the smell was of burning flesh and it was not a nice smell. It was hard to get that smell out of my head. Next time maybe I won’t brown off the trotters!
Karl made a fantastic English Pork Pie using the trotter to provide the jelly. So trotters are definitely worth messing around with.

– Fiona



  1. I know what you mean about kidneys! They remind me of the days when I had a job cleaning the urinal in a ‘gents’ public toilet. Not sure whether that’s the same as your kidney-smell memory.

  2. 😀 I laughed when I read your comment. No that wasn’t my memory! – thankfully 😉

  3. I had lambs fry at Elephant Hill over the winter – my god, it was fantastic! If ever you wanted to rid yourself of the memory of overcooked, foul tasting offal, that was the dish to do it! Super tender, flavoursome without that overwhelming iron taste – it was delicious. Your pigs trotter dish sounds intriguing; we grew up eating them & your/Hugh’s recipe makes it sound that much more tantalising – well done!

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