Posted by: edibleplanet | October 15, 2009

Hungarian Paprika

Before we went to Hungary in 2003, we got our paprika from the supermarket. I used it mostly for colouring really, sprinkled on the top of things before cooking. Then we tasted proper Hungarian paprika. What an explosion of flavour! What a delicious smell! We came back and made numerous dishes of goulash, packed with proper flavour. It is the paprika we use in any recipe that calls for standard paprika. It is now a staple in our pantry and we miss it if we run out. We use it by the tablespoon to fully enjoy the flavour in the dish. It is not especially hot.
I have been meaning to try this dish too – I had this recipe described to me recently and it sounded really good.
Hungarian paprika is different to the Smoked Spanish paprika or even non smoked Spanish paprika. It is ground dry whereas the Spanish paprika is ground with oil.
Once you start enjoying decent paprika, I think there is no going back to dull, tasteless stuff.

– Fiona


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