Posted by: edibleplanet | October 7, 2009

Baking fantastic

It often comes up, especially at the moment with recession going on, that you should do your own home baking. The theory is if you do the sums it is much cheaper than buying ready made biscuits or slices and you can put proper ingredients in them.
I don’t always agree with this. There were these biscuits in the supermarket that were quite cheap and no one else in the family was that keen on them so they lasted all week. If I do baking we eat it up far too quickly because it is so yummy and then I need to bake again.
Now I do bake more – I am eating homemade chocolate slice as I type – especially now the supermarket doesn’t stock those cheap biscuits.
When I bake, I tend to be patriotic. I think New Zealand does have some of the best slice recipes around. In a hurry, family hand-me-down biscuit and slice recipes are the best.
I have also switched to butter for baking, it seems to be cheaper than using the special “lite” spreads we use for on toast and the taste is just so much better. We also finally got around to putting a vanilla bean in a jar of sugar(after we had used the seeds). This is so worth it, especially for biscuits. The bean keeps staying in the jar and I keep refilling it with sugar – it smells yummy too.
My latest triumphs in the biscuit area is this recipe from Brit Allegra McEvedy. I have this dough in the freezer as I write and it is easy to cut off some rounds and cook ’em up in 10 minutes with whatever toppings I find in the pantry. This solves my running out of biscuits problem very nicely.
Recently I also made “apple cakes lovely” from our family recipe book, so called as someone had (quite rightly too) put “lovely” beside the recipe title. I made this recipe because we had some homemade apple sauce that had been sitting around in the fridge for awhile and this recipe required stewed apple. They were a fantastic afternoon tea hot from the oven. I’ve frozen some for lunches. It reminded me again how these older recipes are often about using up what is leftover to get the most food for your money.

– Fiona



  1. Hiya, have only just discovered this blog – good stuff. The family cookbook you guys put together has been the main stay of all our baking and my girls do like to bake at least once a week! They love ‘sore eyes’ and ‘slugs’ and the whole of our church like the banana cake, caramel cake and ginger cake recipes. The book is so well loved it has fallen apart.

    • Yeah ours is falling to pieces too :), a good sign for a useful recipe book I think.

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