Posted by: edibleplanet | September 23, 2009

The deliciousness of a good tagine

Now the shop is up and running, I am an even bigger fan of tagines. We have it on good authority (from a Moroccan), that these days electric slow cookers are the preferred implement in which to cook them, which is fantastic because we have one of those.
My two mainstay tagine recipes are variants on a lamb tagine and this beef one.
It seems from a lot of reading we’ve done, that it is the normal method to not even brown the meat or the onions. I like this sort of easy preparation. The spices have to be good and added in quantity. The dried fruit adds a sweetness I really like with the meat and it makes the kids eat more meat as by the end the meat, dates and prunes look very similar. The other great thing about tagines is being a slow cooked dish, it requires cheaper cuts of meat with more flavour.
I put it on in the morning after breakfast and then come home late to a dinner mostly prepared. I usually add slivered toasted almonds and fresh coriander and serve with some couscous or yummy Lebanese bread. There is dinner and the house smells fantastic as well.

– Fiona


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