Posted by: edibleplanet | August 28, 2009

A week eating around the world

The other week our dinners were a wee trip around the world in quick-to- prepare dinners. Monday we started off in New Zealand with a good old fashioned Kiwi sausage casserole recipe – golden sausages – with kumara, peas and carrots.

Tuesday we went to West Africa with a Chicken Palaver served with rice. The nameĀ palaver and this dish seems to have an ambiguous history. I am not sure how authentic the recipe I had was but the kids liked the peanuts. It would have been better with fresh spinach rather than the frozen I wanted to use up but our fresh spinach is still too teeny in the garden.

Wednesday we were all late home so a fast dinner was needed. I whipped up a kedgeree. I am amused how this dish has been “adapted” by the English from colonial times in India. It seems to be enjoying a resurgence at the moment and there are millions of recipes on the ‘net.

Thursday was a pumpkin soup which seems to take a variety of ingredients from around the world but is absolutely delicious and I served it with sour dough bread. I have made this before so I had the spice blend already made up and I was out of cashews – but I preferred the creamy texture without them.

Friday it was lamb tagine with dried apricots and almonds, served with couscous. Okay this wasn’t quick but I put it in the crockpot just after breakfast and then it didn’t matter how long I was out for coffee, it was all done when I got home.

Saturday, to end our tasting trip around the world, what better than a Kiwi barbecue at the neighbours with eight different nationalities.

— Fiona


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