Posted by: edibleplanet | August 11, 2009

Turkish delight x2

I decied to make some Turkish Delight a while back, and to give it a bit of challenge I decided to test a Kiwi Edmonds Cookbook recipe against a fairly authentic Middle Eastern recipe. It was quite interesting to compare the two (although in flavour/texture there was only one very clear winner).

First the Edmonds Cookbook recipe:
It’s basically a stiff, flavoured pink jelly, set with gelatine and covered with icing sugar or desiccated coconut (ah, where would we be in the Antipodes without desiccated  coconut!).

I got my genuine recipe from this person. She has a great blog, and her recipes are really well written. Genuine Turkish delight uses corn-flour and caramelised sugar to make it set. The secret ingredient is a bit of lemon juice in the mixture to stop the sugar from crystallising (otherwise you would have corn-flour thickened fudge instead of Turkish delight). It’s hard work keeping the boiling sugar and corn-flour at the right temperature for a the right length of time, and the real recipe is quite fiddly, not to mention dangerous with big pots of +100ºC boiling sugar.

Once made and given a chance to set we could taste the Turkish delights. The main difference between the two was the texture. The genuine Turkish delight had none of the wobbly jelly action of it’s gelatine set rival. It is firmer and completely different to anything else I have eaten. It takes a lot longer to make, but I think the amazing results are worth it if you want the real deal.

A quick batch of gelatine-set Edmonds cookbook Turkish delight is also a wonderful thing to eat, but remember that it is, at best, Turkish delightesque.

For either recipe, make sure you don’t skimp on the rose-flower water!



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