Posted by: edibleplanet | November 30, 2008

Chilli sauce tasting

I have a real thing for a good chilli sauce, and I am always keen to try a new one. While shopping in our local Middle Eastern shop we came across a hot sauce that I have never seen before. It’s called Alfa Hot Pepper Sauce and it’s made in the United Arab Emirates (of all places). Now that I had the chilli sauce at home, I had to line it up against some more familiar ones to see how it fared.

Representing the USA was the venerable Tobasco. New Zealand was in the safe hands of Kaitaia Fire, and the UAE challenger was ready for a chilli face-off.

  • Tobasco: Very hot, with a slight sourness that comes from the fermenting process (Tobasco is packed in barrels and fermented for 2 years)
  • Kaitaia Fire: Scorchingly hot with a rich, almost smoky flavour.
  • Alfa Hot Pepper Sauce: The mildest of the three (but still with a kick like a mule). It has a real sweetness that the others don’t have and a complex flavour. Amazing. It’s about a quarter of the price!

Alfa Hot Pepper Sauce impressed me so much we will keep a bottle in the fridge for lack-of-chilli emergencies.



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