Posted by: edibleplanet | April 27, 2008




We had some German visitors a while back who encouraged us to try some Spätzle (pronounced shpatz-ler). These are German egg noodles and you can either make your own, or buy packets of commercial ones. We managed to find a packet of the commercial variety. We went for Bavarian style because they were smaller and looked similar to the galuska we tried in Hungary.

There are a variety of classic Spätzle recipes, but they can also be used as an side dish to accompany meat—particularly stews with a sauce or gravy. We decided to have them with a spicy sausage casserole.

They took a lot longer to cook than we were expecting, but when they were cooked we tossed some butter and pepper through them. They were good with the stew. They have a similar flavour to tagiatelle, but a completely different texture. They are really halfway between noodles and dumplings and they can soak up a lot of sauce!

The commercial ones were OK, but next time I will have to try making my own. It doesn’t look too hard, but apparently there is a bit of a technique to getting them the correct shape.



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